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5105 East Los Angeles Avenue #113
Simi Valley, CA, 93063
United States


Prop sales and manufacturing for the Film, Theater andTV Industry.


Silent Products

Quiet on the set! Make sure your prop bags are silent so that they do not disrupt the action. Call Prop TRX to order yours today!

Silent Products


Silent Bags are the prop invention that started PropTrx.  In the 20 years since Tim Schultz created the first quiet alternatives to a noisy grocery bag on set, Silent Bags have become the industry standard for any crinkle-discerning props or sound department. Silent Bags are now available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and even plastic and cellophane varieties. Check out our store to see what’s in stock. If you need a custom print, size, or material don’t hesitate to contact us. We do it all!


Grocery Bags

Our best-selling Silent Grocery Bags are available with, or without handles.

Kraft brown or white.

11.75”w x 6.75”d x 16”h

convenience store Bags

Silent Convenience Store Bags are the same that you would find in a liquor store or say 7 Eleven, or work great for food take-out bags.

Kraft brown or white.

10”w x 6”d x 15”h


Silent Department Store Bags all have handles and are available in kraft brown, white, and a variety of colors and patterns. Contact us for details.

2 height options:

Short- 15”w x 6”d x 12”h
Tall- 15”w x 6”d x 16”h

boutique Shopper

Silent Boutique Store Bags offer an upscale unique look with a folded reinforced top edge and ribbon handles.

See variety of colors & patterns.

Contact us for details.

12”w x 5”d x 14”h

Bakery Bags

Silent Bakery Bags are great for featuring not only baked goods, but also the larger one is good for fast food.

Kraft brown or white.

Limited Stock on Small Bags

2 Sizes:

Small- 7”w x 4.5”d x 12”h

Large- 8”w x 4.5”d x 14”h

lunch Store Bags

Silent Lunch Bags. Small & simple.

Kraft brown or white.

6.5”w x 4”d x 12”h

Gift Bag

Our Silent Gift Bags are available in multiple sizes, colors, patterns and styles.

Please contact us for details.

Crime Scene Bags

Silent Crime Scene Bags. Pre-Printed. Kraft brown. Limited Stock.

3 Sizes:

Small- 7”w x 5”d x 13.5”h

Medium- 8”w x 5”d x 18”h

Large- 11.75”w x 6.5”d x 17”h

Plastic Grocery Bags

Silent Plastic Shopping Bags.

White, Ivory or Black.

Flat measurements:

12”w x 20” h with 3.5”d side gussets

Wine Bags

Silent Wine Bags.

Kraft brown, white and an assortment of colors and patterns.

5”w x 3”d x 12”h

Prescription Bags

Flat Silent Prescription Sleeves and free-standing Silent Pharmacy Bags. Pre-Printed and Non Pre-Printed available. White only. Limited Stock.

Sleeve- (flat dimensions) 7.5”w x 9”h

Bag- 6.5”w x 4”d x 12”h

Silent Gift Tissue

Silent Gift Tissue not only work great with our Silent Gift Bags, but the white Silent Gift Tissue is a terrific option for moving scenes, where talent needs Silent Packing Paper. See all the many colors and designs

2 Sheets per package:

18” x 30”

Doggie Bags

Silent Doggie Bags with logo.

White only.

Limited stock.

6.5”w x 4”d x 12”h

Manila Envelopes

Silent Manila Envelopes.

2 Sizes:

Small- 10”w x 13”h

Large- 10”w x 16”h

Silent Cellophane

Silent Flower Cellophane, comes with a floral green liner; both feature a cross cut in center for flower stems. Then just wrap up with your favorite ribbon or raphia and you’re ready to go!

Amazingly quiet! Check out our sound demo video of this quiet product!

27” x 19”