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5105 East Los Angeles Avenue #113
Simi Valley, CA, 93063
United States


Prop sales and manufacturing for the Film, Theater andTV Industry.


On The Mark

On The Mark

Welcome to the continuity-keeper’s dream. On The Mark allows you to invisibly mark exact locations to keep track of between takes without having to try to hide it from camera. To see the marks, just shine the compact On The Mark light at the area. Our non-water soluble solution pens are perfect for marking drink levels without washing off or being seen on camera – a task formerly reserved for muttering under your breath. Our water soluble pens are ideal for marking on softer materials like fabrics since, if needed, the marks can be washed out.

A CONTINUITY KEEPER’S DREAM! Even works on glass!

1—Use the On The Mark Invisible Pen to mark your exact beverage levels on hero drinks, or mark the exact spot where a prop needs to be placed.

2—Then after each take, illuminate the invisible marks with On The Mark Pocket Flashlight so you can re-fill your hero prop drinks to exactly where they were at the top of the scene, or replace your hero props back to their original placement without any guesswork!

3—Easy as 1, 2, 3… precision continuity is now a breeze!

Stress-free continuity like you’ve never known!! (Trust us, you’ll love us for it!)

Mark any item: glass, wood, ceramic, etc.