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5105 East Los Angeles Avenue #113
Simi Valley, CA, 93063
United States


Prop sales and manufacturing for the Film, Theater andTV Industry.



Shooting Entourage at the Ivy in Beverly Hills.

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5105 E. Los Angeles Ave #113
Simi Valley, CA 93063

T: 818.445.1480


Tim Schultz - Prop Master for over 36 Years what do you know how does it fly by so fast. It has been a delight to serve this business all these years.







The Man Behind the Innovations

The theater is where I received my first taste of show business.

I was a mechanic's son and knew nothing of theater, TV, or film. But I could handle a wrench. I worked the theater in every aspect, learning the very basics of entertainment, from building sets to lighting, to props. My first job in television was an Assistant Prop Master on the show The Jefferson's. That's right, it was a long time ago. We did everything back then. We worked in a very small rehearsal hall. We taped out the floor to show where the set's outline would be; add a door frame and you have a small space for rehearsal. There was an 8'x10' kitchen where we would make the morning fruit salad, coffee, and supply the danish every morning. The afternoon was sandwiches and maybe a salad for the cast. We had a run through every day at around 5 or 6 o'clock. On Wednesday we would finish the day by moving our props and prop boxes to the stage. 

Since then this business has provided many challenges and opportunities to use the talents given to me by God. As a Prop Master you are constantly solving problems that arise in production. In a scene with Martin Lawrence on the Martin show, he gets his pants taken off by a door frame as he is entering a kitchen. He then must exit wearing only a bag. The bag was going to be noisy and fragile, what to do? I needed a silent material that he could wear that looked like a bag material. After 3 days of searching, I found something that would work. That was the beginning of the Silent Bag.

And that was the beginning of Prop TRX and my journey as a prop innovator. With every new show or feature, we as Prop Masters must figure out how to create & implement what is in the script. So I will continue to meet the challenges on set; to innovate & problem solve; to make life a little easier (& happier!) in the crazy ‘Prop Department World’ of last minute, fast-paced demands! Hope our products do just that for you… smooth sailing ahead!